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05-02-2002 Version 0.30 is now available. This release is basically a cleanup of the installation process, and also adds compatability for CLISP 2.28.

01-18-2002 Released Jacol version 0.25. This release contains a couple of bugfixes and some tweaks to jacolsh.

01-10-2002 Released jacol version 0.20. This is functionally very similar to 0.10, but now uses an authentication protocol to prevent exploitation for remote execution.

01-09-2002 Added a "rationale" section to the website, which attempts to explain the purpose behind jacol. It also has links to some articles that do a good job of describing the merits of Lisp in today's world.

12-13-2001 The initial version of JACOL, 0.10 alpha, is now available for download. Please see the release notes for information regarding some limitations in this release.

12-10-2001 Coding complete, initial web page created.

12-08-2001 Project is renamed JACOL, since JACL is already taken on Freshmeat.

12-02-2001 JACL project started.

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